Ever Attended a Mortgage Burning Party?

It is with great fanfare and celebration that we can announce another family is completely debt free, now that their mortgage has been paid off early. This wonderful, pre-retired couple hired us back in 2010 with a great foundation built for their future, but still had a $250,000 mortgage that they wanted to eliminate prior to retirement, as they also wanted to invest wisely for the future.

After setting their mind to it, they increased their monthly principal payments on the mortgage and then would apply their company bonuses to giving, saving and mortgage reduction each year.  After 4 years, their mortgage is gone and their net worth has more than doubled. This wasn’t always easy to do, but they stuck with the plan and are so happy to be freed up from that monthly payment.  In fact, their most recent bonus provided enough money to knock out the mortgage once and for all, plus, they gave their adult children a nice financial gift to encourage their efforts on the journey of sound stewardship.

Do you have a plan to knock out your mortgage before retirement?  We can help you determine the best way to eliminate this monthly burden as soon as possible! Email Kristalynn Redstone or call the office (913-317-6000) for more information. Let us help you make a plan!

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