Inspiration for end-of-year giving

Inspiration for end-of-year giving

Sound Stewardship’s crowning principle is Give Generously. It’s the goal our first six guiding principles are all building toward. As a team, we try to actively encourage generosity and celebrate each other’s philanthropic efforts.

“We enjoyed funding our Sound Stewardship Foundation in a big way this year,” says Matt Syverson, managing partner and senior wealth advisor. “Then, we allowed each of our employees to provide grants to local charities that were serving folks in need, due to the harmful effects of COVID-19 throughout the Kansas City metro area.”

If you’re looking for some new worthy causes to support, our team has suggestions from their personal giving practices: 

  • “We love helping through CarePortal, providing needs to families in crisis.” – Jonathan Harrison
  • Mother’s Refuge. They help young single moms get back on their feet.” – Derek Hensley
  • “We supported Homestead Ministries this year. They are based out of Manhattan, Kansas, and help women out of the sex trafficking industry.” – Joel Reimer
  • Rachel House provides Christian pregnancy resources to unplanned parents.” — Josh Spradling 

Looking for advice on how to be more intentional with your giving in 2021? Get in touch with one of our Wealth Advisors.  

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