Simplified Fee Structure

Fee-Only Planning

Most consumers have no idea how much they pay their financial advisors.

Our simplified fee structure allows for authentic financial guidance and true objectivity. You can trust that the advice we provide is impartial and transparent because we never receive commissions or third-party incentives. No commissions, ever. We only work for you.

You receive Sound Stewardship’s financial planning and wealth management services for one simplified fee, which is determined by your net worth. This unique fee structure provides a high level of service regardless of what you own or where you’re located — and it’s focused on your life purpose. Our fees are designed this way so we can provide clear value and unbiased advice.

Sound Stewardship, LLC is a firm that abides by the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors Fiduciary Oath and Code of Ethics.

Fee Questions

Q: Why a flat-fee based on overall net worth?

• Reflects holistic nature of true financial planning
When fees are based on investments alone, most of the advisor’s focus is on the investments alone. However, clients’ most significant opportunities are usually in other areas of their financial lives. A flat-fee allows us to think beyond the portfolio.

• Emphasizes what we can control
Markets go up and markets go down, but neither the client nor the advisor controls when these things happen. Our planning focuses on the proactive steps you can take to be the best steward possible.

• Reduces conflicts of interest
Clients are often presented with opportunities outside the boundaries of typical investment management. A flat-fee arrangement allows us to clearly assess questions like the following without trying to retain an investment balance that we manage:

Should I pay off my mortgage?
Can I buy a business?
Should I invest in private ventures?
How much can I give away?
Should I invest in real estate?

Q: How is the fee calculated?

Since our fee schedule is based on net worth, we calculate everything that you own (assets) minus everything that you owe (liabilities). After clients have been with us for a year, they typically pay this over four quarters, and the fee is often deducted straight from investment accounts.

We do not have a minimum for balances or net worth level. However, based on the extensive nature of our services, we find that our fee schedule fits best for those with a total net worth (not just investment assets) of $1 million or more.

To find out more how our unique services would apply to your situation, schedule an initial consultation to talk to an advisor today.