What to Expect

Creating Your Plan

Every journey starts with the end in mind. During your Initial Consultation, we look at how you want to make an impact with your life: your personal goals, values, experiences, and perspectives that shape how you use your financial resources.

One of first priorities with new clients is to create a detailed and thorough inventory of your wealth. During our Data Gathering Process, you will get a clear understanding of your financial position. Once the organization phase is complete, we’ll share our recommendations across several Planning Sessions. These are spaced out to provide time to think and implement together.

The Annual Planning Process

Our work is not done once the plan is created. Through our Annual Planning Process, our team provides an ongoing partnership to continually monitor what is working, what has changed, and what adjustments are needed to fulfill your long-term plan.

Your financial future will be well managed.

  • We will facilitate quarterly checkpoints during which we measure progress and keep everyone accountable.
  • Our team approach means multiple professionals thoughtfully collaborate and plan.
  • Your primary advisor will always be an experienced CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professional.

You will always know what’s happening.

  • Written summaries after each session provide an ongoing record of progress made and next steps.
  • Our online portal provides comprehensive reporting across all accounts, regardless of custodian or manager.

Top Questions

Curious about what it’s like to work with Sound Stewardship? Read more about how we serve clients with the answers to top questions about:

The Firm

Q: When were you founded?

Our firm began in 2004 with the belief that clients deserved transparent and objective help, and the financial services industry mostly offered confusion. Originally Syverson & Company, LLC, we changed our name to Sound Stewardship, LLC in 2012.

Q: Who is an ideal Sound Stewardship client?

Our typical clients are grateful, generous people who want to have an impact on the world around them. Because of the extensive nature of our services, clients tend to have net worths of $1 million or above.

Q: Are you fiduciaries?

Yes. As Fee-Only fiduciaries, we have taken an oath to always act in the best interests of our clients. We aggressively avoid conflicts of interest to retain our impartiality, and always disclose any that arise. The only compensation we receive comes directly from clients (never investment companies or referrals).

Q: Where can I find your ADV?

A Form ADV is how investment advisors register with the Securities and Exchange Commission and disclose compensation arrangements and services provided. This and other important firm details can be found on our disclosures page.

Working With Us

Q: If I hire Sound Stewardship, who will work with me?

Your team will include at least two CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioners, as well as service associates. Your team will be selected carefully to pair the nuances and needs of your situation with the experience and specialties of our planners. You will always have a primary contact for questions or help, but two team members will be in every meeting. We serve in teams to provide:

Continuity: Availability, regardless of who’s on vacation or in appointments.
Complexity: The full resources of the firm are at each client’s service.
Collaboration: Multiple experts collaborating on your plan, bringing different insights.

Q: How often will I meet with my advisors?

The initial planning process often takes between 4 to 6 meetings to work through, depending on your needs and the complexity of your situation. After this process, you will meet with your advisors quarterly (four times each year) to review progress, adjust plans, and assess portfolio performance. Much happens within 90 days, and clients report it is this ongoing rhythm of meetings that most advances their goals. Meetings can be in-person or virtual (phone or web), depending on your preference and schedule. Of course, we sometimes meet with clients more frequently than this if their situation requires it, such as a major life transition or significant tax event.

Q: Where do you serve clients?

Even though the majority of our clients reside in Kansas and Missouri, we serve families all over the country. With the ability to do meetings virtually via the web, we have clients in 20 states from coast to coast.

Our Fees

Q: Do you have investment minimums?

We do not have investment minimums. However, based on the extensive nature of our services, we find that our fee schedule fits best for those with a total net worth (not just investment assets) of $1 million or more.

Q: Why are your fees based on overall net worth?

We believe a flat-fee based on net worth best reflects the holistic nature of true financial planning. Payments based on just investment balances alone place undue focus on one area of the a client’s financial life — often the area that clients and advisors can control least (the markets). Our fee structure reduces conflicts of interest. Our planners can help you answer questions like, “Should I pay off my mortgage?” without worrying about retaining account balances. We can plan around what’s in your best long-term interests.

Q: Do you include personal assets, like houses and cars?

Yes, for calculating your net worth, we include all assets you have material control over, including houses and cars. We also include irrevocable trusts and charitable arrangements such as Donor-Advised Funds. All of these are part of what you steward, and they each offer unique cash-flow, tax, insurance, and estate planning considerations.

Q: How do you handle hard-to-value assets, like businesses or property?

Illiquid asset types like businesses and real estate are included in your net worth and are important components to your financial plan. When valuing these to calculate your net worth and connected planning fee, your planners work with you to come up with a best-effort estimate of value. We do not request a valuation or appraisal.


Q: Are you compensated for selling specific products?

No. As Fee-Only advisors registered with the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA), we have taken an oath that we will never receive compensation when clients utilize particular investment or insurance solutions. This allows us to plan and make recommendations with a clear mind, since we’re only thinking of your best interests.

Q: What is your investing approach?

Investing requires a long-term perspective to avoid mistakes like market timing and chasing fads. We manage custom, diversified portfolios using ETFs and no-load mutual funds incorporating:

Low expenses
Tax efficient
Rules-based rebalancing
Alternative asset classes
For full details, download our investment whitepaper here.

Q: Which custodians do you work with?

Our independent structure means we can work with any custodian you choose. However, we have established institutional relationships with Fidelity, Schwab, and TD Ameritrade, so clients commonly select one of these three for greater functionality and lower costs.

Q: Will you manage workplace plans like 401(k)s?

Absolutely. We help clients with every area of their financial life, including workplace plans like 401(k)s, 403(b)s, and stock purchase plans. In addition to helping select and maintain these plans, clients often connect them to our online performance reporting system, so they can monitor progress over time. Though we help individuals with their workplace plans, we do not administer these plans on behalf of the employer.