Syverson selected for the Children’s Mercy Hospital Planned Giving Council

After spending many hours at Children’s Mercy Hospital as the father of 2 children with special needs, Matt Syverson is pleased to announce that he has been selected to the Planned Giving Council for this wonderful organization.  Many of the improvements and progressive projects that Children’s Mercy has completed have been funded by gifts from estates and carefully orchestrated non-cash gifts.  Sound Stewardship® is uniquely prepared to help our clients determine how to give most effectively, based on their desire and capacity for generosity.  Let us know if you would like to enjoy a tour or volunteer at this amazing facility, which is a real gem to have in Kansas City.  Contact Kristalynn Redstone at Sound Stewardship to find out more. Also, check out this video about Lily Syverson’s journey through open heart surgery at Children’s Mercy:

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