What We Are Reading at Sound Stewardship

What We Are Reading at Sound Stewardship
Here is a list of some of the most interesting things we found on the internet that we thought you’d enjoy!
One of the hardest things donors have to do is say “no” to a charity, but strategic giving often means turning down good opportunities for greater ones. This NYT piece has some great best practices to help philanthropists stay focused with tact.
“Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time”Harvard Business Review
How do you get more done in less time? This timely article is a reminder that putting in too many hours at work can actually lead to decreased effectiveness.

“Do You Have a Buy-Sell Agreement?”O’Keeffe + O’Malley
A Buy-Sell Agreement is like an estate plan for your business, legally specifying what will happen if an owner dies (or other similar life-changing event). Our friends at O’Keeffe + O’Malley put together a helpful list of questions your Buy-Sell needs to address.

“Why We Think We’re Better Investors Than We Are”New York Times
There are 5 biases that hurt our ability to assess our own financial decision making. Gary Belsky’s column is an interesting walk-through of the behavioral challenges of personal investing.

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