“Equipping for Excellence: Non-Profit Compliance on a Shoestring Budget”


Matt Syverson from Sound Stewardship, along with Greg Owens (Keller & Owens), Troy Redstone (PHD Retirement Consultants), and Brian Johnston (Polsinelli), once again hosted the Business Planning Forum. This forum also included guest speakers from The Miller Group. The event was held Thursday, May 8, 2014. This forum focused on non-profit organizations with the title of “Equipping for Excellence: Non-Profit Compliance on a Shoestring Budget.” For details, agenda and speakers list, click here. If you would like information about attending or being involved in an upcoming forum, please contact Kristalynn Redstone or call the office at 913-317-6000.

Below is a brief summary of the seminar content:

Compliance in a Complex World: The Miller Group

Charitable organizations function in a heavily regulated environment.  The cost of non-compliance is overwhelming!  Are you certain that your organization is compliant in all areas?

(b)est Practices for Nonprofits: PHD Retirement Consultants and Polsinelli

Many changes have occurred in retirement plans available to charitable organizations.  It is important to consider all your options in order to choose the plan that suits your organization best.

Awareness in Tax Planning: Keller & Owens

As a non-profit organization, navigating the IRS rules can be overwhelming.  This presentation provides an overview of key areas to which your organization should pay particular attention.

Opportunities for Non-Cash Donations: Sound Stewardship

Thinking beyond the checkbook – there are many avenues donors can use besides giving cash.  Help your donors find unique ways to give that create win-win scenarios for both parties.

If you have questions or would like more information from the forum, please contact Kristalynn Redstone or call the office at 913-317-6000.

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