Common Estate Planning Mistakes

Common Estate Planning Mistakes

Will your estate plan do what you hope it will? It’s not enough to have some documents in a dusty binder, filed away for later. Additional steps need to be taken to secure your financial legacy and ensuring a smooth transition to your heirs.

Join Wealth Advisors Derek Hensley & Jonathan Harrison for our February Webinar: “Avoid These Common Estate Planning Mistakes.” They’ll share some of the top pitfalls they’ve seen, with important elements every family needs to incorporate into their plan.

Discover the keys to an effective estate plan:
✅ Keeping your estate plan in sync with legal changes
✅ Updates needed for the digital age
✅ Navigating beneficiary designations like a pro
✅ Ensuring your trust is actually funded
✅ Incorporating charity into your legacy
✅ Maximizing tax advantages to preserve your wealth

This webinar has ended. The replay is available below and on our YouTube Channel.

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