May Webinar – Managing Financial Stress and Anxiety

May Webinar – Managing Financial Stress and Anxiety

Most people face some sort of stress or anxiety in their lives. When people face difficult financial situations, including bear markets, major life transitions, or crises, for example, our natural response is to react to the stressor both physiologically and emotionally.

For our May webinar, we’re honored to host special guest Dr. Kristy Archuleta for Mental Health Awareness Month. She will help us assess our own financial anxiety and provide tools to manage financial stresses.

Key topics Dr. Archuleta will cover are:
1. Describe and distinguish financial anxiety and stress
2. Assess your own financial anxiety
3. Learn new ways to manage your financial stress and anxiety 

✅ Topic: Managing Financial Stress & Anxiety
✅ Date: Thursday, May 23rd
✅ Time: 12-1pm Central
✅ Where: Zoom – online anywhere!
✅ Price: $25 per ticket, but free for the first 15 guests to register below!

This webinar will NOT be recorded. We’d love to have you join us LIVE on May 23rd!

This event is now over.

Dr. Kristy Archuleta is an internationally recognized and award-winning Professor in Financial Planning at the University of Georgia. She is the co-founder of the Financial Therapy Association, the Journal of Financial Therapy, and the nation’s first academic program in financial therapy. Dr. Archuleta currently serves on the Board of Directors for the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors, NAFPA’s Consumer Education Foundation, the European Financial Psychology Institute, the Financial Therapy Clinical Institute, and two editorial review boards. Dr. Archuleta has garnered national and international attention as a speaker and author who has published numerous cutting-edge scholarly articles and co-edited two books.

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