Principles in Practice: Have a Long-Term Plan

What can tenacious twenty-somethings teach the rest of us?

As Sound Stewardship® celebrates our 10th anniversary this year, we will be reflecting on the various achievements of our fantastic clients.  One such family came in last week to commemorate a major milestone: reaching $1,000,000 of net worth before turning 40….and they’re just getting warmed up.

Back in 2005, a young couple in their 20’s hired me to help them get serious with their finances and build a comprehensive financial plan.  We would meet in the evening after they got off work and they would bring in dinner to share as we mapped out their financial life.  They started out with $70,000 of net worth (assets minus liabilities) and we developed a plan for the next decade and beyond.

Due to their strong work ethic, desire to live within their means, willingness to eliminate the use of consumer debt and intentionally invest for the long haul, they reached a net worth of $1,000,000 in less than 10 years.  No lucky stock picks, no unexpected windfalls or the use of any “get rich quick schemes”; just persistence, combined with proven principles and accountability.  By the way, remember that “The Great Recession” happened in the midst of that journey, and they remained fully invested the entire time.

Fast forward to 2013 and now they are a growing family of five. We meet over the lunch hour in order for both of us to be home with our families for dinner.  They are committed employees and parents, with aspirations of serving others in a health related business that is currently “under construction”. We will continue to support and guide their efforts as they seek to make an impact on their community.

This is just one family’s example of how adhering to our Sound Stewardship Principles has lead to amazing results, thanks to a combination of being coachable and then intentionally following the plan together.

What are your goals and aspirations for 2014 and beyond?  Who is helping you create a plan for purposeful living?  Check out our Sound Stewardship Principles and do a “gut check” of your progress within each of the 7 categories.  We look forward to helping you achieve meaningful results!

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