Principles in Practice: Think Beyond Yourself

Dave understands people, and so do we!

Entreleadership® is a combination of being an entrepreneur and leader, which is defined as the process of leading in order to cause a venture to grow and prosper.  After experiencing Dave Ramsey’s one-day course on this topic in Kansas City, we were encouraged by the fact that our business had already implemented several of the key components of this program.  One area in particular is that understanding personality styles is vital to having a successful practice.  As Dave puts it, “The EntreLeader knows that basic people skills demand that you react to and work with different personality styles differently.”

At Sound Stewardship, we have used up to 5 different personality assessments to discover our employees’ and clients’ motivations, work styles, instincts, strengths and decision-making styles.  Taking the time to understand one another’s “hard-wiring” has allowed us to build a solid team of collaborative professionals, who can serve our client’s according to their unique needs.  A few of assessments you could check out are: CareerDirect, Flag Page, Kolbe, andDISC. What’s your style? Let us know in the comment section below.

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