Principles in Practice: Think Beyond Yourself

Unique memorial gifts can be a special way to honor a loved one.

One of our physician clients recently lost his mother to cancer.  It was a devastating loss to the family and she will be dearly missed by all in the community.  As a professional herself in the medical community, his mother made a great impact on children who needed low cost, yet effective medical treatment. So, when he received his portion of her inheritance, he knew exactly what to do…

Our client had been receiving the “World Vision Gift Catalog” for many years and had noticed a special opportunity to build a Health Clinic in Africa (

His gift to this Clinic would provide the necessary medical care for children that is easily accessible, and delivers the preventative measures each child should have.  So, we discussed how to fund it and decided to use appreciated stock from his inheritance proceeds.  Now, we will collaborate with World Vision on the best timing for granting $39,000 or more toward their efforts in honor of his mother.

How are you and your loved ones making an impact in your community?  Let’s start by supporting each other’s efforts during our lives together, and then honor folks in unique ways when they are no longer with us.

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