Ambra Leibach, FPQP

Office Manager

Here at Sound Stewardship, we really go beyond the money. It’s all about how we can help clients find their passion, how we can help them live intentionally. Behind the scenes, we’re making a real difference in people’s lives and what we’re doing really matters.

Ambra Leibach, Office Manager, has a degree in Personal Financial Planning from Kansas State University. “I always knew I wanted to work for a Fee-Only firm,” Ambra says. “After graduation, I was looking for a job and applied in many different cities. But it was Sound Stewardship who actually found my resume through NAPFA (the National Association of Professional Financial Advisors) and contacted me. God knew where I was meant to be.”

As Office Manager, Ambra works with client agreements, invoicing, compliance, daily office management and benchmarking studies. Her favorite aspect of her role is helping colleagues. “I’m a big puzzle person, so working through a challenge and seeing the end solution is what I enjoy. It’s exciting when projects come to fruition.”    

 “At a firm where selling is the focus, you can lose sight of what’s really important. But in the Fee-Only environment at Sound Stewardship, we can be objective and transparent, and we can have conversations that change people’s lives,” she says. “I love our culture and I love our team. We’re all working towards the same mission.”

 Ambra and her husband, Dustin, have two children and two dogs. As a family, they enjoy going to the dog park and the zoo. “My family takes up all my free time and I enjoy every minute of it!” she says. She also loves tackling a good Pinterest project every once in awhile.

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