When to Hire a Financial Advisor

While there are many reasons a person should seek financial counsel, one thing many of our clients share in common when they initially come to us is the need for help navigating some sort of life change. Here are a few of the top life events that prompt clients to seek out our help:


Planning for retirement seems to be on most people’s minds, and it comes at you faster than you think! If you’re within several years of retirement, it would be wise to create a plan that addresses not only your financial needs as you transition into retirement, but how you’ll spend your time and continue to use your gifts and talents when you’re no longer working for a paycheck.

Death of a spouse

One of the largest groups of clients we serve in our firm are widows and widowers. Financial planning after the death of a spouse involves unique challenges and opportunities. The right financial advisor can help you plan for your financial needs as the surviving spouse, as well as honor the memory of your loved one.


When families or individuals receive an inheritance, they often need help knowing how to handle such a windfall. The right financial advisor can help you make wise decisions on what to do, based on your values and goals.

Sale of a Business

There are many moving parts involved in the sale of a business. Having an accurate business appraisal, planning for the tax impact of a sale, evaluating the structure of a potential deal, and planning for how the sale of the business affects your personal financial situation (now and in the future) are all a part of the process. In order to successfully navigate the process, it’s likely you’ll need a team of professionals to assist you: a financial advisor, an attorney, an accountant, and a business valuation expert. Having the right team of advisors, who understand your unique situation and are able to communicate and collaborate with each other , can make all the difference.

These are just a few examples of the many different reasons an individual or family should look for financial planning help. Click here to contact us if you have any questions or would like to speak with one of our advisors about your particular situation.

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