Understanding Identity Theft Protection with Zander

Understanding Identity Theft Protection with Zander

Join us for our next webinar on Thursday, June 20th, when wealth advisor Derek Hensley will discuss Identity Theft Protection plans with Jessie Harting of Zander Insurance.

This coverage can be an important part of monitoring against identity theft, as well as providing recovery assistance and stolen funds reimbursement if theft does happen. 

✅ Topic: Identity Theft Protection Coverage
✅ Date: Thursday, June 20th
✅ Time: 12:00-1:00pm Central
✅ Where: Zoom – online anywhere!

This webinar has ended. Please enjoy the replay below.

About our Guest: Jessie Harting is a Senior Account Executive of Identity Theft with Zander Insurance. She has aided in creating Zander’s products throughout her 15-year career journey. She currently specializes in providing ID Theft group benefits to corporations, product development/enhancement, Case Study research, Small Business Protection, Restoration assessment & claims and truly enjoys getting back on the front lines when she can.

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