Josh Spradling, CFP® CKA®

Associate Wealth Advisor

Helping others steward their resources is my passion. How much allotted to each is different, but all can still honor the Lord with money.

Josh joined the Sound Stewardship team in 2020 after gaining experience serving clients at a large, national asset manager based in Kansas City. His customer service skills there helped earn a spot on the team aiding their top advisors, further sharpening his expertise in handling financial questions. Prior to that, he graduated from Spurgeon College and served overseas with the Armed Forces.

When deciding to become a financial planner, Josh wanted to join a team that was Fee-Only and shared his values. He earned his CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER designation in 2022. In his role as Associate Wealth Advisor, Josh serves clients with all aspects of the financial planning process, including portfolio management.

Josh has always been the friend that others ask for financial advice. He enjoys helping people steward their money in a way that glorifies God. Josh attends Faith Community Church with his new wife, Eliannah. They were married in October 2021. In his spare time Josh enjoys camping, hiking, biking, reading, playing the piano, and board games.

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