Monthly Financial To-Dos

Monthly Financial To-Dos

Resolutions are notoriously short-lived. So the key to actually making meaningful progress is to plan your course over the next 12 months.

We’ve put together a list of quick things you can do to keep your finances healthy. In each month of the new year, give yourself one specific task needed to make progress on your strategic goal. Start checking off these monthly to-dos:

Review last year’s spending
Create a debt payment plan
Revisit retirement plan contributions

Review investment strategy
Gather tax documents
Compare savings interest rates

Create a personal possessions inventory
Contribute to IRAs by April 15
Fund HSAs by April 15

Make a Master Directory
Go paperless with your personal finances
Have a shredding party

Consider college funding plans
Review your credit report
Evaluate your emergency fund

Create or update an Investment Policy Statement
Review retirement withdrawals
Update your net worth statement
Evaluate refinancing debt

Review whether a portfolio rebalance is needed
Conduct a cost audit
Evaluate your spending plan

Review and update your estate plan
Confirm beneficiaries on accounts and insurance policies
Create a “digital asset” plan

Review home/auto policies
Life insurance
Password management
Credit freeze

Run a tax projection
Make a year-end spending plan
Fill out your FAFSA

Review your health insurance plan
Start planning next summer’s vacations
Check your contentment level

Reflect on the year
Prioritize giving generously and strategically
Make an appointment with your Wealth Advisor for next year

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